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Our Story


Wrong Generation began when I scratched one of my vinyl records, and it would no longer play. As I thought about disposing of the useless record, a question occurred to me; how many records like this one end up in landfill?

So I took a trip down to my local record shop to find the answer. After seeing the shop's basement chock-FULL of broken and unsellable records waiting to go to the dump, I knew I had to do something about it.

I bought a box full of those broken records that had lost their purpose, with the intention of giving them a new one.

Finding beauty in imperfection, I handcraft each broken vinyl into something new, reinvigorated with purpose.

Once broken records given a second chance to bring joy into the world, each handcrafted with Love.

- Zachary (Founder, CEO)


Our mission is to make sustainability sophisticatedly simple, yet astonishingly nostalgic.


Ask yourself, are you in the Wrong Generation?

Sustainable Materials
Carbon neutral Shipping
Handmade with Love